Prayer – Denmark

On this page you can find various initiatives about prayer in Denmark.

24/7 prayer

Christosnet would like to help establish 24/7 prayer, but it can’t be done without several active partners (denominations or networks).

If you also have a desire to see that again in Denmark, and would like to help organizing it, please send an email to

Evangelical Alliance

Week of Prayer

It’s held each year in January. In 2022 it was 9 – 16 January, which you which you can read more about on their website. The theme was Sabbath.

In 2021 a prayer meeting with Arvid Asmussen was livestreamed in cooperation with Christosnet which can be watched (again) on Facebook and YouTube.

Prayer House Denmark

Reference is also made to Bedehus Danmark (Prayer House Denmark), which has various prayer activities, including prayer every Monday at 20:00, either live on Facebook or Zoom.