Welcome to Christosnet

Christosnet is a network of Christians that wants to show the good things that are done through churches and Christian organizations and individuals. This is done by encouraging and helping these to cooperate and collaborate in different areas.

On these pages you can find various resources about churches and Christianity that are gathered for Christians and others interested. So far it’s only for Denmark, but more regions will follow. Currently you can find information about prayer, a list of churches that livestream church services online, and a page with special focus on events during the summer, which you can also see below. In the footer is an archive of previous resources. The desire is that as many people as possible will participate actively with content and development.

Sommerstævner online

Aktuelle (i fed) og kommende camps/stævner.

Info om årets sommerstævner

Oversigter og nyheder om årets camps/stævner.

Afsluttede sommerstævner

Klik for at se videoer fra møder de forskellige steder.